You can have a nice place for 400 EUR in Bangkok

Some of my friends told me that I should post more pictrues.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Brainstorming vibe is real. And I am grateful for that, because 11 brains is hell of a force, as opposed to just one lil tiny brain.

This article is gonna be uber short. I am gonna provide you with some basic info and then boom – pictures all over the place.

Here is the basic info about my place

I live in On Nut area. Which is located at Sukhumvit road.

They say it is a very convenient location, cause you do not live downtown, but you are very close to it. (cannot say for sure, cause I have never been there, lol)

Some things we got here:

  • 25 m swimming pool
  • gym – tbh it looks like a kids playground, they do not even have bars
  • sauna – dry one, and you can set the tempretare for yourself
  • lift – always good, when you live on 18th floor, right?
  • lobby – so it is like a classic flat, but with lobby downstairs (probably cause of the security reasons)

Ok, now specifics of my room:

  • no idea how many square meters it has (it is rather small, but fine for 1 guy)
  • I sleep, work, cook and eat in the same room
  • got tiny balcony with washing mashine for 9 kgs of dirty laundry
  • air conditioning is a standard here, otherwise you would turn into a KFC chicken pretty fast
  • I live on 18th floor, so view is very nice

Price: is 320 EUR without energies. So it depends what kind of a person you are.

Here it comes, baby, the pictuuuuuuuuures (as authentic as it gets)

view from pool's side

enjoying a water in the pool panoramatic view from my roomwell, I live alone, what did you expect? heavy weight, 9 kg, baby!


    • viliam

      Tvoj nick neznie moc anglicky, tak prejdem rovno k veci 😀

      Jo, ostala doma. Môj plán bol prísť sem na tri mesiace. Ale jednoducho sa tu nedá neostať. Ťažko sa to opisuje slovami, ktoré poznám.

      V skratke: domov sa tak skoro nechystám.

      • Mystery Man

        Tak ja tu otazku smeroval spis tak jestli si poker uprednostnil natolik, ze si ukoncil dlouho trvajici vztah kvuli uspokojeni vlastniho chtice (poker pro v thajsku) nebo je tvoje pritelkyne proste tolik tolerantni a pak teda gg wp, lepsi si najit nemohl :).

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