Long story short.

I made an experiment.

I wanted to stay up for as long as possible. And this is the result.

Fixing sleep schedule as fast as possible

This is something that simply does not exist.

I realized that I cannot really fix my schedule in one day.

Well, this is like my 6th or 7th time I attempted to do this. And obviously I still did not learn my lesson, haha.

Cause it sounds really simple: I just dont sleep this night and then everything will be ok. Well. NO! 😀

Theory is one thing but real world (if you play WoW IP of this realm is: is a different story.

No sleep = no problem


I wanted to work on my computer and I felt like shit.

I mean. I did some work. But it was so painful and hard to concentrate and even think about anything.

So yeah, thinking can be painful. Although it is a good “cure” for mindfulness.

I cannot remember last time when I was as mindful as when I am sleep deprived.

Obviously it is not a long term cure, but hey, it works 😀

Another thing is that my will power and motivation was below zero. Like negative 10 I suppose.

Thinking hurts


Some people are making fun of this.

But imagine that you have not slept for 30 hours and you have to think about something.

Well, our brains consume about 20 – 30 % of our energy. So just imagine how painful it is to think about ANYTHING when you are sleep deprived.

Or you know what. Just try it and see for yourself, haha.

Ok, rather not. It is a bullshit. I definitely do not recommend it to anyone.

Funny thing is, that as I am writing this, I have another sleepless night behind me 😀

Drink, drink, drink and then some coffee

Stay hydrated. That is the key.

Sometimes your body does not even notice you dont have enough water in your system.

Just drink once every few moments. I cannot quantify it.

But it is like with food. It is better to drink water constantly in small amounts. As opposed to drinking a gallon in 7,27 minutes.

Coffee? She was my best friend.

I drank just 5 of them.

One is 13 THB, which is like 0,3 EUR. So uber cheap. And obviously uber shit as well, haha.

But man. I live on a budget. So what do u expect 😀

Difference between me and a millionaire is about a million.

Well, it is exactly a million, haha.

You gotta move

Move, exercise, fight, work out, lift, swim.


Just go out there and do it.

It will keep your blood veins active.

And also, it will make you feel more alive.

You may think that it will drain the energy out of you. But man, sitting will not make you feel refreshed either.

So just let your eyes rest. Turn off your screen. And do something for your body. Stretching is obviously good as well.

Your eyes will be dying

Man. Seriously. My eyes almost died.

So I recommend you buying that thing you can put into your eyes. I am really too lazy to google this word. So I rather write these two sentences which make no sense. And obviously writing them takes 3,77x longer. But man, I love to write, hahahaha.


Please. Do not even think about closing your eyes.

I tried doing it in the past. Well, after 20 minutes, I was so sleepy, that I had to go to sleep. For real.

So rather drink coffee, or move more. But never close your eyes for more than 100 ms.

Listen to music, talk to people

It will keep you feeling energized. Both of these activities actually.

I recommend music that you like. There is no wrong or right choice. Just do it.

But for me, something in the middle works the best. So not too aggressive nor too calm. Too aggressive = brutal death metal. Too calm = ambient alpha waves. And something in the middle is = chillout music mix, chill lounge music, jazz music mix, rap music (sometimes). But instrumental songs are much better, cause there are no words. And words may be a huge distraction for you.

Then. Go out there. And socialize. If you do not have this choice. Just call to some friends via Skype, Viber, Messenger or whatever you got.

Well, if nobody is online. You have to go offline. You have to adapt or die (as they say). This may be hard if you live in a small city or in a village and it is 2:22 am.

But I believe in you. You can come up with something. Anyway, the hardest part of this “experiment” is the night.

Do NOT try this at home

I know a plenty of people who were up for 50+ hours.

So compared to them, I am just a small fish in a sea. Well, honestly I really am a fish. Some people will get this reference 😀

There is not even a single one advantage of doing this. I can think only of negatives. That is it.

Losing motivation, having almost no will power, saying to yourself: WTF is concentration?, and many others, but I cannot name them right now.

Have you ever done this?

Let me know in comments, please.

I want to hear your story.

Thank you in advance 🙂