Hanoi Bookworm - best bookshop These are the books that I bought. Total price: 600,000 VND

Over 15,000 books, reasonable prices and they are open every day. What else can you ask for?

The bookshop is easy to find (I suggest using Grab app) and it’s called Bookworm

Address of the place is: 44, Châu Long, Quận Ba Đình, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

And here are the directions on Google Maps:

Friendly and english speaking staff. Wow!

I was stunned, that staff could speak english. And I kid you not, because this is rather unexpected here in Vietnam. But staff there was very nice to me and very helpful as well. The guy checked the availability of books for me. Obviously none of them were in stock. But I found some interesting books anyway.

Just ask and you shall recieve. It is really easy to communicate your demands.

Oh, if you are above 185 cm (6”1’), then watch your head please. Especially when you are walking up/downstairs. Because ceiling is really close. And I almost hit my head there.

Hanoi Bookworm card You can use this card as a bookmark

Over 15,000 new and used books. Go get them!

If you are lucky, you can get the books dirty cheap. I bought 4 books just for 600,000 VND (about 26 USD). Funny fact is that one of those books was 300K. So it really depends what are you looking for.

It’s like a paradise for bookworms. I bet you will love this place.

Bring your books and get a DISCOUNT

Honestly, I don’t know how big discount can you get. But I saw a couple that brought a shit-ton of books and then they bought some. And they paid ridiculously low price. I can’t remember the numbers now.

Anyway, I tried to start a banter with: so I guess you like reading a lot, right? And the man replied - yeah, it is better than watching TV. By the way, the guy was probably in his 60s. However, he looked very fit. It just proves, that if you want to have a healthy body, you need a healthy spirit, too.


I asked the staff, where is the closest vegetarian restaurant. And he told me, that I’m very lucky, because there is a perfect spot just around the corner. When you walk out of the Bookworm, just turn left and walk for about 3.26 minutes and you will see a vegetarian restaurant on the left side. Don’t remember the name. Sorry.

The food was very good. I would say, that it is mid-ranged restaurant, but definitely worth it.

Doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or not. It’s worth trying it. They have many great dishes. I’m sorry again, because I didn’t take any pictures. I am still getting used to taking pictures of my food. Whatever, I guess I should just adjust to this trend. And especially cause I am writing this blog, haha.

Let me know what kind of books did you buy :)