Last few days were pretty rough.

I felt pretty anxious, upset, not adequate enough. Basically I felt like a shit.

Nowadays, everybody seems to be happy

Obviously I mean on social medias.

I mean, who is going to tell – yeah, I feel really bad. I feel like a shit…

No-fucking-one! And it makes sense. Because we really want to look like our lives are the fairytales.

There is this rule. The more happy some people are trying to look, the more depressed they really are.

Been there, done that, haha. And you can also see it in their faces. That photo is not congruent with the story they are trying to sell.

Ok, but enough judging. Back to the case 🙂

It is ok to feel bad

Duality exist everywhere. You cannot escape it. You cannot achieve permanent happiness.

Duality is everywhere: night-day, woman-man, penis-vagina, happiness-feeling sad, clever-dumb.

You know this is said very simple, but I think you get the point. You simply cannot value feeling very GOOD, unless you know how it feels to feel like a SHIT.

And there is nothing wrong with feeling bad. It is completely normal, completely human. When you fight it, you just make it worse.

I felt really bad last few days and I realized that the worse I feel, the worse it becomes. Because it is like a circle: I feel bad, I dont wanna do social activities, I am too lazy to exercise.

Which means, that after all, I feel even worse. It is like a trap. You gotta get out of it as soon as possible.

When you feel bad, you should think WHY

Why is this happening? And maybe you realize that you should change something. Maybe you argue with your GF too much.

Or maybe you live in your mom’s basement and you dont feel happy about your life. Or you considered quitting your job, but

you still dont have balls for it. It does not fullfill you. It makes you really upset.

It could be anything. Just answer the question WHY? for yourself.

Realize what creates your reality

Your reality can be created without you knowing it. Unconsciously.

Thing is, that most people function like this. They do not realize, that they are the CREATORS of their realities.

So I just took a paper and wrote down the things that I do most often.

Here is the list:

  • listening to music
  • exercising outdoor
  • working
  • eating
  • communicating online
  • reading
  • writing
  • sleeping
  • learning on various topics

You can see that THINKING is the activity that we do every day and pretty much all day. We have thousands of thought during a day.

Yeah, mindfulness is talking about this. But it is a different topic. I really dont wanna talk about it yet, cause my knowledge is pretty basic.

Does it mean that you should be thinking only in a positive way? Hell no! I do not think it is a natural way of living. It is normal to have also negative thoughts.

But there are still ways how to increase your hapiness set point.

Do this if you want to increase your hapiness

Here is the link:

Honestly, this article inspired me to write some lines right now.

I definitely recommend it. It is pretty dope.