It has been a funny period of my life.

I finally realized what does it take to gain weight. Well, mainly eating like a champion is all you need.

And train from time to time, haha.


Results short and simple

Benchasiri park 01

Benchasiri park 02

Benchasiri park 03

Final weight

Starting weight: 68,6 kg

Current weight: 74,5 kg

So I gained 5,9 kg of mass.

This is what I was eating

  • oat meal
  • eggs
  • chicken
  • rice
  • pasta
  • tuna
  • beans
  • peanut butter
  • bread
  • fruit

And this is pretty much it.

Keep it simple.

I was eating between 2500 – 3600 kcal/day.  Mostly around 3000 kcal/day.

I have no idea how much protein, fats, carbohydrates. Prolly too much of all, haha.

Do you even lift brah?

I was training mainly for volume. So lot of reps, haha.

But I do not like monotonous way of traying. So I was doing some strength work as well.

Was also at a GYM twice.

Here are some numbers, just for the lolz:

I bench pressed 55 kgs 5 times super easy. Next time adding some weight.

Deadlift: doing sets with 60 kgs. Tried lifting twice 70 kgs and the biggest beast in the gym told me my form was good.

He also told me that I should add some more weight, cause it feels to me like super heavy weight, but my form was saying that I could do more.

_Squat: _doing sets with 60 kgs. And I feel like I can squat less than I can squat. Legs are definitely my weakest link. They can run a lot, tho (ok, to specify this: they could have run when I was younger, now I do not enjoy running anymore)

Pull up: I did 2 pull ups w 30 kgs added. And I have no idea how much I can do of these unweighted. Do not see any point in adding reps, I rather increase intensity.

_One arm dead hang: _I see a huge progress here. And I think it is caused by weighted pull ups. Did not quantify it yet, but at least 9,87 sec. Also started doing the towel hang. I just hang the towel on the bar and grab it with my hand. I can hold like 1,14 sec like this. Super challenging.

_Dips: _Doing them weighted as well, but I have no idea what is the weight. Cause they do not have it marked in the park. I also see a progress with korean dips. They do not look hard, but they build very good mobility in the shouder gridle. Definitely recommend them. Also see progress in russian dips and I have not been trying them for few months.

I am going to train for these moves now

  • one arm pull up
  • front lever
  • gymnastic free handstand
  • human flag
  • straddle planche
  • pistol squat
  • full ROM handsand push up
  • thoracic bridge
  • L sit
  • shoulder dislocation (shoulder width)
  • squat
  • deadlift
  • benchpress (maybe, but prolly not, cause I have a ton of pushing with my BW)

Yeah, lot of goals.

I am not gonna be able to train for some of them now, cause I do not have equipment for that. Like shoulder dislocation and not sure about human flag either. It is kind of hard to find equipment for human flag training, haha. But I will find something.

But you know, I put it here just as a reminder for myself. Also for tracking purposes.

I am going to share my training plan later, cause it will take some time to create routine that I can progress with.

So main goal is STRENGTH now

Although, I am going to traing w something like 3-5 reps most of the time, there are also going to be some muscle gains.

As Pavel Tsatsouline says: Strong first!

These guys are ready to give you tips on strength training

I believe there is a ton of other guys. Depends on your goals and taste.

Everybody can find the info that he needs.

And winner of the competition is…

4 of you guessed 74 kg and one of you guessed 75 kg.

As I got 74,5 kg now, I had to let the random number generator determine who the winner is.

I have already hit you up with a message, Olivier 😀