Long story short: I lost my passport here in Bangkok. I had to go to police station (not important right now) and then I arranged a meeting in Slovak embassy in Bangkok.

Sir, it will be 1500 thai baht (about 40 eur)

So 1500 baht for new passport. I was like – ok, it is not that much. But obviously, I got my lesson, haha. You guys who know me – this is probably nothing surprising to you. I lose my stuff all the time. Maybe I even programmed my subconscious mind for this, lol. So I should stop talking about how I lose my things… From now on!

Ok, so I rather took 2000 baht with me. You know, just in case.

When it came to paying – dame told me – well, mr. Brozman – given the fact that you lost your passport. It will be 3000 baht. All of a sudden my dreams were ruined in a milisecond. God damn it. I tried my charm and persuasion. I told her: “can I bring you the money tomorrow?”. And she replied just the short and yet meaningful: “No…”

Ok, so I was trying to rearrange another meeting with her. And then it happened…

How much do you need for that?

Woman in late forties asked me from my back. And I told her – well, around 1200 baht (ok, I lied, I did not have full 2k with me, cause I had to pay deposit on the reception… but I cannot state all of the details you know. This story would get super long otherwise.)

She just reached for her wallet and pulled 1200 (32 eur) baht out of it. And gave it to me.

I was super shocked and thankful at the same time. I looked at her and told her: “gimme your bank acc. So that I can send you the money back.” She said – no, just send it to some sort of a charity, which you like :O

So this is what happens when you are nice to people, haha. Cause I have talked a little bit with this lady. We just have some chit chat about Asia and other stuff.

But how much did you send to charity, huh?

Well, I do not think that it is that important here. But I sent some money already.

Not to the charity, but to organization that has been very helpful to all of us. And I bet that everybody uses it from time to time.

Hint: no ads there and to of useful information in one place. And it is a non-profit organization. But about this later 🙂