It has been more than a month here already.

And I think this may be interesting. Especially for people living on a budget. But hey, guys, I am one of you. Still working my way up. Started from Brezno, now I am here (one very good player said this, haha)

Condominium? Never heard of that pokémon


I live in a condominium. Maybe you know what it is.

But in case you do not. It is like a flat. But there is also a lobby down there. So I think it has higher security and also many other advantages, which I am going to tell you in a sec.

Ok so I live in a studio flat. Cannot tell you the area (Google translate gives me this word, lol). But it is pretty small. I would say just enough for one Eastern European guy, lol.

So I sleep, eat and work in the same room. This may not be good for some people. But it works for me pretty well.

And obviously there is a bathroom with a shower. And also with an shower for your ass. Yeah, we consider ourselves as highly evolved species but most of us still do not use water after toilet, lol.

Haha, and we smile when we see this squatting toilets. Well, they exist for some reason. But I am gonna write an article about it later. Back to the topic.


But how much do you pay for the rent?

Just for the rent I pay: 12 000 THB (~ 315 EUR)

Electricity+water: about 2 000 THB (~ 52 EUR)

Internet: 800 THB (~ 21 EUR)

Ok so total price is around 400 EUR per month.

I think it is a very good price.

Oh and I live in a area that is very close to city center. But I may be wrong on this one, cause I have never been there, lol.

You can definitely find a rent for half the price, or maybe even 1/4 of the price. But it is like living on a village then. You would live like 30 kilometers from the downtown, lol.

I do not think it is convenient, cause there is nothing to do at suburbs.

You gotta eat something!

Haha, this is a tough one, cause I have never calculated this one actually.

Ok, but I can make some approximations, I guess.

I used to eat street food, but I stopped eating it regularly, cause I do not think it is very healthy.

Yeah, they add a lot of shit into it and whatnot. Not saying that I do not eat it at all. Hell yeah I do ! But just from time to time, haha.

So I have been cooking for myself most of the time and lets say you can live with prices similar to Slovakia.

I would say it ranges between 100-200 EUR. Obviously depends on your metabolism, will, goals and idk what else.

I want to gain some weight, so I eat like champion. But I am getting kind of bored and exhausted by cooking, so I am looking for some alternatives now.

When I eat the street food/at food court, the prices are something like this:

soup: 40-50 baht. And they have a ton of soups out there!

rice+something (and something could be really anything, lol): 50-80 baht

Man, I am really tired of calculating this, haha. Lets just stick with simple math: 1 EUR is about 36 baht. So lets say 100 baht is ~3 EUR. Yeah and you can go from here.

When you are sick and tired of asian foods, you can get some western meals, for sure. But it is kind of pricy compared to local cuisine.

But man, I can tell you, that you cannot eat Thai food all the time, haha.

So you can get Pizza, Kebap, Tacos, Nachos, Sushi and everything you can imagine. Not sure about prices here, cause I ate this just once. Next time I am gonna write them prices down.

Prices of groceries right here

Ok, lets keep this simple.

Dairy products are super expensive, cause they are imported. And everything what is imported is super expensive. Opposite to my home country (everything who has at least average IQ knows which one makes more sense).

2 litres of milk is: ~100 baht

cheese: no idea, never had it here, haha

chicken breast: 99 baht for 1 kg

peanut butter: 200 baht for 500 g

beer: it depends. Hoe Gaarden is 130 baht for 330 ml (super expensive, lol). But you got these local beers which are like 50-60 baht for 500-620ml. And they are kind of good.

Most famous local brands are: Leo, Singha, Chang. And everybody prefers something else. I have no clue which one rocks, haha. I just go with the feeling.

Staff in stores is very, very, very polite and nice

And you know what? They also pack all of your groceries into a bag for you! This, for me, guy from Slovakia, was like – WOW, I am staying here, haha. It is like a paradise.

But when you want to find something, prepare for some adventure. They speak little to no english. At least from my experience.

So I learned it the hard way, haha. And I realized it is easier to ask my friend Google translate. Or asking people who look european, american or anything else than local is a good idea as well. Cause there is a big chance they speak english and also a big chance that they know where is the product you need.

Do they even have “normal” stores?

Man, I have been shopping to Tesco, haha.

It is actually called Tesco LOTUS.

And it is Tesco as any other Tescos out there.

You can also go to these 24/7 stores. It is basically a non stop shop.

For people like me – when I want to buy a beer+chips at 2am, no problem, haha,

Their names are: Family Mart and Seven Eleven. I heard that Seven Eleven is better, and I really believe it is. But man, it is on the other side of the road, so I just stick with Family Mart.

Well, now you will think – omg, this boy is so lazy. Well, try to cross the road when it has 6 lines for cars and there is no zebra crossing 😀

Drinking, clubbing…

Beer is about 100 baht.

Shots or cocktails? No friggin idea man, never had it in a club.

Entrance fees: it depends. Some are free. But better clubs want about 300 baht entrance fee.

This may sound like a lot, but man, if you want to find beautiful girls with 32 cm thick bitch shields you are at the right place, lol.

And there is also this district called Thonglor. I think it has the most fancy clubs in Bangkok (I may be wrong, haha) but it is like a Monte Carlo.

Man you just walk on the pavement and you see super expensive cars like every 7.44 second. Literally! Trust me on that one.

Super rich Mercedes, Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche and idk what else. Cause I am as good with cars as I am with hungarian language. And man I can just swear in hungarian, haha.

Total figures

Too lazy to count it, but lets say that you need about 700 EUR approximately to live okay.

Obviously if you wanna travel and live like a king it is a different story. But about this later. Cause I am still just a homeboy, man.

With something like 1000 EUR a month you can live like a semiking.