Finally, I made a decision to become a…

I was thinking about this for few years. Literally. I think I was just scared that people would judge me because of my decision. Here I am now. Changing my diet habits. Completely.

Anyway, I would like to clarify that I am not becoming a vegetarian or a vegan. I hate labeling. (although it is impossible to avoid it completely, and of course I do it, too)

I am going to restrict the amount of meat that I eat. It is as simple as that. More about this below.

This is my WHY

I just feel like it. There is no better explanation. When I feel something, I try to listen to my gut. After eating a shit ton of meat, I felt low energy.

Just look at this tasty baguette

Yes, what I was doing was really excessive. I was eating meat twice a day. That actually speeded up the process. Also my decision.

It is really simple. When I feel something is wrong, I try to find out what is the cause of it. I felt low energy and cause of it was probably my diet.

I just made a guess. I was not certain about it. And it seems that I was right. Time will the truth.

Say no to meat?

Hell no.

Just look at this picture

Blue zones diet

These are the areas where people live longer than average. I mean waaaaay longer. But you can find detail on the page:

And there should be also a book on this topic called Blue zones. Which is on my “to read list”.

Basically, these people eat with following ratio: 95/5. 95 % of their diet consists of plants. And 5 % of animal products.

I am not saying that diet itself can make you live longer. I think there are many important factors to consider, like: physical activity, enviroment you live in, social life (shout out to gamers lol)

Here is the evidence that animal products should be a part of your diet:

If you really want to go deeper, just google. And just use your common sense. And beware of cognitive dissonance (probably everybody has it to a certain degree.

I do not want to act like I am a hater of people who just eat plants. If you feel like it, go for it. I don’t give a shit 😀

But, please, do not act like a prophet who is certain that his way of life is optimal. Because that is the only thing that makes me angry.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

You cannot change the outer world by force. Just look at history. There is a plenty of evidence that this approach does not work. Not at all.

If you want to change the world. Change yourself. Continually.

Do you have enough vitamins?

I was really shocked when I realized that I could be deficient in many vitamins.

Here is a quick resource:

Again. If you want to go deeper. Google. Read. Ask people that you trust. And experience it yourself.

Then there is this application which can tell you if you are eating enough nutrients.

Honestly, I used it just once. But I am going to keep using it. Because I think it is important to know what you eat.

Wanna feel better? Find out your metabolic type

If you eat according to your metabolic type. You will feel better, look better and you will just live a healthier lifestyle.

I am no expert in this area either. So I am giving you links below.

First some information what does it even mean:

And you can test yourself what metabolic type are you, right here:

Once again. Use common sense. You do not have to follow this strictly. It is just a guide.

I should have metabolic type B. Which means that most of my food should consist of carbohydrates. Which is not true nowadays. And I feel good anyway.

In my opinion, eating a lot of carbohydrates is not very convenient. Because the body digest them much faster. And I don’t really like eating very often.

Even Elliot Hulse is talking about this. And you can see that his eyes changed after he started eating according to his metabolic type.

If you don’t know the guy, check him out right now. He is the super human. Very clever, strong and super open minded. (attention: ladies, this channel is not for you :P)

I wanna know your opinion on this topic

Please, share your thoughts on this. Just leave a comment. I am curious.


And stay tuned. I am going to release a shit ton of articles in the near future.