I have been trying to add some weight for a long time. I have never experienced the feeling of gaining the weight. Just never happened to me (sad panda)

But I finally realized what was holding me back. MYSELF! What a surprise, right?

I am an ectomorph and I was using this as an excuse for such a long a time. Now, it is time to change it. This is gonna be the final solution.

Ok, some facts:

Current weight: 68,6 kgs (151,24 lbs)

Height: 185 cm (6,07 feet)

Age: 23

Here are the pictures of my body. I do not have any friends, and that is why I had to make the selfies.


Skinny body 01

Skinny body 02

Goals are super simple

  • train at least 4 times a week (training specified below)
  • eat 5 times a day (meals written below)
  • gain as much weight as possible
  • transform myself visually as much as possible
  • all of things stated above are happening in next 28 days

What I have to do to get there

  • get enough rest (also nap once a day if I feel like it)
  • get plenty of water (I underestimated this in the past – not gonna do the same mistake again) – actually I start my day with water
  • oxygen – yup, gotta go outside everyday
  • train (you did not expect that, huh? :D)
  • eat 5x/day (beans, chicken, rice, oat meal, soy milk, pasta, peanut butter, eggs, vegetable, fruit)

How do I train

90 % of the training is going to be with my bodyweight. 10 % is gonna be squats – definitely and dead lifts – if I feel like it.

And routine… Well, I will create a ton of different ones. Sometimes I will train to failure. Sometimes just with 5×5/5×6 protocol. It depends.

But main pulling exercise: pull ups and its variations.

Main exercise for pushing: push ups, dips, pseudo planche push ups and so on.

Main core exercises: plank, hanging leg raise (prolly tucked, aint got enough compression strength) and others, but I dont know how are they called, haha.

Lower body: goblet squat, sprints, bulgarian split squats, pistol squats (if I got enough mobity for them, but prolly not :P), glute ham raise would be the nuts, but I am not sure whether I have the equip for them.

Guess my weight after the challenge and win 28 EUR!

It is really simple.

Just try to guess what my bodyweight will be after 28 days and win 28,- EUR


  1. Every person can guess just once
  2. Your guess cannot be changed
  3. You have 72 hours to make a guess after the challenge starts
  4. If there are two or more same guesses I will use random number generator to determine the winner
  5. I can pay on SK bank account, Skrill, Paypal or PS (yeah, you guys know what I mean :D) – which means, that you need some of these 4 to get your money. Actually Skrill/Paypal is easy to make 🙂
  6. Only guesses that are posted here will be accepted
  7. Guess the weight after 28 days and state your name + first letter of your surname (example: 100 kgs, Viliam B.)