Well, well, well.

Let me start with a story of my own.

I used to be a very shy boy. Maybe my classmates don’t know me like that, haha.

Anyway, I consider myself being an introvert. Believe it or not, you can learn how to be an extrovert.

Cause I do not think introverts are born. They are made. Same with extroverts.

If you come from family who do not live social lifestyle – where else do you want to learn how to be a social person?

I think that this is my story. I did not know how to socialize in the beginning.

But then I met right people, read right books and here I am. Social than ever before, haha.

It is all in yourself, deep down there

Just ask yourself this: why am I so scared of what others think about me?

Usually you have to ask many question to get to the core issue.

First answers are not going to be true. Unless you are very honest with you. (dont know many ppl like that)

Just take a paper a pen and start writing it down. Be honest with yourself.

For instance, my issue was this (sometimes still is, I am just a human, haha): I was scared that I would look like a dumb in front of other people and they would not like me.

Ok, when you know your core issue you can get to another step.


Now it is the easy and hard part at the same time.

You have to defeat YOURSELF.

Go look into the mirror. There is your biggest ENEMY.

Do not fight him. Accept him. Befriend him. Do it now.

Then get your clothes on and do crazy shit.

Yeah go to socialize and do crazy shit.

That is what I do almost every day.

Also social experiments say that extroverted people are happier.

You want to have the endorphines and other shit flowing in your blood veins? We both know the answer.

So go out and talk to people.

Do this and you will feel like a Super(wo)man

Here are things that I do when I want to widen my comfort zone.

Cause magic happens outside of it!

  • have a small talk with other people anywhere you go (in the line, in grocery store, on the streets…)
  • sing in the public
  • clap in the public
  • do push ups in the public
  • go barefoot
  • approach hot chicks (just for the men)

Wow, this seems so easy, but I still feel the FEAR

What do you expect?

I am a human as well. I feel anxiety and fear deep down there.

But attitude makes the difference.

Are you a coward or action taker?

Everybody wanna be the action taker.

So take the motherfucking action and face your fears.

Let me know in the comments how it works for you.

I am also gonna make videos about this. So you can see me in action.

Peace 🙂