I read somewhere, that surfing in Vietnam is perfect for beginners, as waves are not very big here. Best time for surfing is between october and april, at least that is what they say on the internet.

If you have never tried it, then go for it. It is a lot of fun and you will feel like a child once again. Totally clueless. But don’t worry, as my instructor said: it is easy. And I like him for this attitude. Because it is only as easy, or as hard, as you want it to be.

Before you go

Check out how’s the swell: http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Bai-Dai-Nha-Trang or https://magicseaweed.com/Bai-Dai-Surf-Report/4513/

It is very important.

Ideal swell is between 1-3 metres. That is what I found on official website of the surfing place. So, please, do this, before you go. Otherwise you may get disappointed.

How to get to Bai Dai beach from Nha Trang

  • Bus

This option is the cheapest and very fast, too. Price is just 30k VND. It should be leaving Nha Trang town every 30 minutes. Just wait for the yellow bus (by the way, it is the same bus that goes to the airport). It has number 18 on itself. All you have to do is just hand the ticket seller 30k and you will get a ticket. Also, they will warn you when it is your stop. So you can relax.

There are plenty of bus stops, that can get you to Bai Dai beach. I will show you two of them. Both of them are located on Nguyễn Thiện Thuật street. Which is the main street in the city center. As you are approaching the city from the beach, it is the second main crossroads. And then you have to turn to the left.

In case, you don’t know which street is it, check it out on the Google maps right here: https://goo.gl/VhpRQr

Bus stop This is the first bus stop at the beginning of the street

Bus stop Second bus stop at the end of the street

Yellow bus This is the bus, that will take you there. Don’t hesitate to wave at the driver. He may not notice, that people are waiting for the bus.

Bus ticket You should recieve something like this

After you get of the bus, the beach is just 4 minute walking distance. All you have to do is cross to road and go straight. You will see a restaurant (or something that reminds a restaurant) on the right side. Then turn left and just follow the dusty road. It will take you straight to the surfing spot called the SHACK

  • Bike

You can rent a bike in the town. I heard prices should be something like 100-150k VND, but don’t take my word on it. As I have never done it yet.

Here are the directions, if you are going on a bike: How to get to Bai Dai on a bike

  • Taxi

The most expensive option. No idea, how much it will cost you. But I reckon it might be quite a lot, since it is close to the airport. Or, you can get lucky, and get a ride for 30k. I was waiting for the bus and guy in a taxi started talking to me. I told him - I am waiting for a bus. He said - 50k, same same. I replied - bus is 30k. He realized, that this is not my first time here, so he agreed to 30k. So I got almost 30 km ride for 30k VND haha.

Staff is great

I got there in the morning and there was this guy called Hu. He is Vietnamese, as you can guess by the name. I asked him whether he can coach me a bit. He told me, that price will be 800k VND for 90 minutes of coaching+board rental included. I agreed. Before we started, he warned me, that he does not speak much English. I think his English was just fine, so I wanted to do it anyway.

posing with surfing coach

He chose a long board for me, because it is more stable. But after few minutes, he changed it to short board, because it was slippy.

Before you surf

You need some theory. I was happy, that this guy was able to provide me with it. Basically, he showed me what to do and I was trying to mimic his movements. I am not gonna go into details, because I don’t think that 90 minutes is enough to coach somebody else.

This was the reason why I decided to book a coaching. Because I just knew, that I needed some theory. Without it I’d be lost.

Also, he will borrow you some surfing clothes. So you can feel like a real surfer.

Swim, stand up and surf

It sounds so easy, but it is not. During my first few attempts, I was pissed off, because I thought it was going to be easier.

Anyway, after I caught my first wave, I felt like a virgin kissed for the very first time. That feeling is hard to describe. You just have to experience it.

I am not gonna lie to you. Most of the time, I was failing pretty hard. I caught just 3 or 4 waves. But that feeling was worth it.

Do you remember first time when you realized how to swim or how to ride a bike? This is similar, but even better than that. And this is obviously just the start. I struggle with a lot of things. It is all about the small details. In the beginning you may feel overwhelmed with it. Because you have to be aware of 37 things. But I think it will get better as you go.


Almost I forgot.

Board rental: 200k VND/1 hour (this applies for all the boards)

Coaching lesson: 600k VND/1 hour

I suggest taking a lesson when you are a beginner. That is what I did, too. And try to soak up as much as you can. Concentrate on what is he saying. Ask for the feedback. And next time, you can try it out by yourself. That is my plan, too.