Some of my friends told me that I should post more pictrues.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Brainstorming vibe is real. And I am grateful for that, because 11 brains is hell of a force, as opposed to just one lil tiny brain.

This article is gonna be uber short. I am gonna provide you with some basic info and then boom – pictures all over the place.

Here is the basic info about my place

I live in On Nut area. Which is located at Sukhumvit road.

They say it is a very convenient location, cause you do not live downtown, but you are very close to it. (cannot say for sure, cause I have never been there, lol)

Some things we got here:

  • 25 m swimming pool
  • gym – tbh it looks like a kids playground, they do not even have bars
  • sauna – dry one, and you can set the tempretare for yourself
  • lift – always good, when you live on 18th floor, right?
  • lobby – so it is like a classic flat, but with lobby downstairs (probably cause of the security reasons)

Ok, now specifics of my room:

  • no idea how many square meters it has (it is rather small, but fine for 1 guy)
  • I sleep, work, cook and eat in the same room
  • got tiny balcony with washing mashine for 9 kgs of dirty laundry
  • air conditioning is a standard here, otherwise you would turn into a KFC chicken pretty fast
  • I live on 18th floor, so view is very nice

Price: is 320 EUR without energies. So it depends what kind of a person you are.

Here it comes, baby, the pictuuuuuuuuures (as authentic as it gets)

Small kitchen

View of the apartment

First half of the bathroom

Second half of the bathroom

There should be couch somewhere underneath

TV which I have never used

Bed for two, if you are humble

Washing machine, which I used once in a while

Panoramatic view from the window

View from the pool area

Inside the pool